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Tax deductible donations for mid-day meal programme

Author: The Akshaya Patra Foundation | Posted in: Taxes

March 12,2015

The mid-day meal programme implemented by The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an initiative of the Government of India to provide free school lunch to children studying in Government schools. This programme acts like a supporting pillar to aid literacy programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The mid.. Read More

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How to Plan and Prepare for Tax Season

Author: ConsultingServices | Posted in: Taxes

February 27,2015

If you would like to prepare your tax statement effectively, you should look into the high profile services offered by experts. When you work with an experienced accountant, all your needs will be fulfilled quickly and easily. When you use services from the right kind of company, you’ll receive pers.. Read More

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Investment Strategies for Retirement Planning

Author: authentic | Posted in: Taxes

June 26,2014

These days, changing life styles, employment shifts, and fluctuations in the economy may have adversely affected your retirement Planning Yet many of us still have certain preconceived ideas about the retirement phase of our lives. This vignette spotlights the gap between perception and reality that.. Read More

Keywords : Retirement Planning Dallas,

Taxes Are Due: What Happens if You Can’t Pay the IRS?

Author: John P. Willis | Posted in: Taxes

April 25,2014

Earlier this month was much of America’s least favorite day of the year: Tax Day. And while millions of Americans sent a check to the IRS, plenty more found that they were unable to pay their tax bill. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, such as – failing to withhold .. Read More

Keywords : irs, taxpayer,

Background Of Binary Options Buying And Selling

Author: Lourdes | Posted in: Taxes

June 25,2013

Although the total industry was reeling in the wake of nine-eleven, some amazing stock buys had been occurring just prior. The Manufacturers of the Patriot and Tomahawk missile for instance, was Raytheon. They noticed a 6 time trade improve in inventory buying just prior, and Raytheon shares soared .. Read More

Keywords : Background, Binary Options, Buying Selling,

International Tax Advice-Truly Effective Advice

Author: Tonny | Posted in: Taxes

June 10,2013

A big concern for the general public and company business units is to upset the international tax at now of your time once the planet economy is most volatile. Actually tax is taking part in a serious role with relevance the cross border transactions. The tax coming up with rules being completely di.. Read More

Keywords : International, Tax Advice, Truly, Effective Advice,

Aid a cause while saving tax - Indian NGO

Author: Akshaya Patra Foundation | Posted in: Taxes

March 15,2013

Globally, there are many NGOs working towards critical causes. The gamut of causes varies from environmental, social, human rights, health and nutrition, education, animal rights and the like. These NGOs either function in one particular location of the world or are branched out across the glob.. Read More

Keywords : Indian NGO, NGO in India, 80G, 80GGA, Save Tax, food for the children, donate for children, feed children, online donations for NGO, save income tax, 100 % tax exemption,

How to Pay Back: IRS

Author: Liz Jones | Posted in: Taxes

November 05,2012

Life happens. Whether it is an unexpected medical expense, college loan deferment ends, unemployment, new home, or just a lack of revenue from a small business, you or someone you know may end up in a situation where they cannot pay back their taxes. Naturally feelings of uneasiness and fear creep i.. Read More

Keywords : Pay Back, IRS,

How to Get The Tax Levy Removed

Author: Craigz Zimmerman | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

If one is facing a tax levy, then it is advisable that he/she gets it removed as soon as possible. A tax levy is one of the biggest weapons in the hands of IRS. By imposing a levy, IRS gains the ownership of one's assets or property, till the individual pay them the taxes. A tax levy can negatively .. Read More

Keywords : Tax Levy, Removed,

The Best Way To Get IRS Tax Relief

Author: Craigz Zimmerman | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) is the government agency responsible for the collection of revenue and taxes from the citizens, and is known for taking steps to extract taxes from evaders through penalties and fines. If you are one of the people who have got IRS tax notice, there is no need to panic.. Read More

Keywords : Get IRS, Tax Relief,

File Income Tax Return now to get processing faster

Author: Saroj Sharma | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

Month of July is the month to file Income Tax Return and every individuals must have received their Form 16 (Salary Certificate) and Form 16A (TDs certificates) of other Income. So, waiting for the last date to file Income tax return is not the smart way. File Income tax return earlier and get it pr.. Read More

Keywords : File Income Tax, get processing faster,

How to Get Out Of Tax Debts?

Author: Will Smith | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

Running into huge amount of tax debts can lead to ugly confrontations with the internal revenue services. However, there is a way out, which is reliable and safe. A reputed online tax relief services company will be able to assist you in solving your tax problems. Their experience, skill and good ra.. Read More

Keywords : Get Out, Tax Debts,

Get State Debt Tax Relief In Quick Time:

Author: Will Smith | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

Those who owe taxes to the IRS, generally end up owing state tax as well. Most of the states offer similar programs as the IRS and offer payment plans if you approach them for a state debt tax relief. Tax relief allows you to settle tax debts for a percentage of what you owe. It is available at diff.. Read More

Keywords : Get State Debt, Tax Relief, Quick Time,

The Great Corporate Business Tax Conundrum

Author: Hassan Ingram | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

Corporate business tax has recently become one of the most controversial political footballs in the world. In most developed countries, popular pressure is mounting on governments to impose higher and higher taxes on big business in the belief that this sector of the economy is not pulling its weigh.. Read More

Keywords : Great Corporate, Business Tax, Conundrum,

Applicable ITR Forms for Different Categories of Assessees

Author: Saroj Sharma | Posted in: Taxes

July 20,2012

Again, it is that point in time of the year when all your income for the current financial year is in and you need to file your income tax returns and tax planning in this period also gains a imperative significance. The due date to file your return of income for FY 2011-12 is 31st July 2012. For F.. Read More

Keywords : Applicable ITR, Different Categories, Assessees,

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