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Statements of Communication Design

Author: Sanjay | Posted in: Video Conferencing

February 25,2013

Visual communication can also be more flexible in many ways than verbal communication. Visual communication not only bridges geographic distances, it can span cultural references. Communication design is used in television, catalogue illustration, animation filmmaking and video programming. Gra.. Read More

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Are we geared up for combating the deadly diseases?

Author: shelly Desuza | Posted in: Video Conferencing

November 07,2012

Health is wealth, we all grew up reading this in books and listening to this slogan time and again but how many of us actually ponder on this thought and take time to keep ourselves fit and fine? We all are so busy that we forget about our health until some deadly disease knocks us down. The changi.. Read More

Keywords : combating deadly, diseases?,

Connecting The Dots The Easier Way

Author: Ch Deeksha | Posted in: Video Conferencing

November 07,2012

The business scenario in India has changed drastically with the advent of multinational companies. The globalization has created endless opportunities for the business minded to start new ventures with their international counterparts. In fact the technology has given a tremendous boost to the IT se.. Read More

Keywords : Connecting Dots, Easier Way,

Arrival of Vidyo in Asia Pacific to Boost Growth of Video Conferencing

Author: LeeMark | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

Video conferencing is fast becoming one of the most popular virtual communication tools in Asia Pacific in the corporate sector. It is already used by many large enterprises that aim to maintain face to face communication with their distantly located business associates. Singapore itself has many Sm.. Read More

Keywords : Arrival Vidyo, Asia Pacific, Boost Growth, Video Conferencing,

Operator Attended Web Conferencing to Bring Remote CXOs Closer

Author: LeeMark | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

A high profile corporate event is not held within the confines of a boardroom. It has shifted to the Virtual Conferencing environment with the advent of operator attended web conferencing solutions. Such solutions have proven to be extremely successful in hosting corporate announcements, board meeti.. Read More

Keywords : Operator Attended, Web Conferencing, Bring Remote, CXOs Closer,

Mobile Video Conferencing to Grow in Singapore

Author: LeeMark | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

With the increasing number of Smartphone and tablet users in Asia, the prospects of video conferencing have grown as well. According to Credit Suisse, the consolidated valuation of non-SMS wireless data will rise from the $ 1.3 billion of 2009 to $ 14.5 billion by 2015 in all Asian countries except .. Read More

Keywords : Mobile Video Conferencing, Grow Singaporefordable,

Video Productions In Singapore Makes Video Advertising Increasingly Affordable

Author: Amira Durden | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

With the increase in broadband around the world the use of video on websites has become more and more possible. When the internet first started rolling out it was with slow connections and limited bandwidth, thus text heavy sites were no problem and even photographs were slow to load. The bright spa.. Read More

Keywords : Video Productions, In Singapore Makes, Video Advertising, Increasingly Af,

SMBs to Propel Growth of Video Conferencing

Author: LeeMark | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

According to a report by research house Frost & Sullivan, the video conferencing sector of Asia Pacific will experience a substantial rise as Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) realise its potential for improving collaboration. In the last 3-5 years, vendors have begun developing unique video confer.. Read More

Keywords : Propel Growth, Video Conferencing,

Is Google Apps or Microsoft Office Better for Your Business?

Author: Danny | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

We know you've been using Microsoft Outlook for a while now, and you are hesitant to switch to another program. But is Google Apps actually better for your company? Keep reading for a comparison of Google Apps and the Microsoft Office Suite. Products Microsoft Office for Businesses includes the sta.. Read More

Keywords : Is Google Apps, Microsoft Office Better, Business?,

Video Conferencing Live Sessions from Classroom to Classroom

Author: Srija Ghoshal | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

Researchers analyzed till April, 2009, 30,000 video conferencing systems were implemented in schools, education institutes, district offices, and departments of education in US. They had been using Video Conferencing Technology to shape up the time management for almost 20 years. The experts, who wa.. Read More

Keywords : Video Conferencing, Live Sessions, Classroom Classroom,

Web Conferencing: Tool for successful Remote Collaboration

Author: MarkVoucher | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

With the burgeoning communication gap in the country, Indian companies are in dire need of communication technologies that can make work more streamlined without increasing the cost burden. This is the reason that web meetings have come to the fore and the industry is headed for a boom in coming tim.. Read More

Keywords : Web Conferencing, successful Remote, Collaboration,

Criteria for Selecting Virtual Conferencing Solutions in India

Author: MarkVoucher | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 26,2012

Remote Conferencing market is growing at a steady rate in India, hence it is essential for buyers to be aware of all facets of the available solutions in the country before acquiring the same. Each company has its own set of requirements from such collaboration solutions and should, therefore, opt f.. Read More

Keywords : Criteria, Virtual, Conferencing Solutions, India,

Making Remote Collaboration a Success with Video Conferencing

Author: Yank Dines | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 09,2012

Video collaboration can be a vital tool in promoting the success of a remote meeting as it helps users gauge the exact expressions and body language of the participants. This can prove to be instrumental in making depositions, interviews, training, consulting, project meetings, sales presentations, .. Read More

Keywords : Making Remote, Collaboration, Video Conferencing,

Using Cisco-integrated Conferencing Solutions to make Online Meetings Successful

Author: Thosino Weven | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 09,2012

Cisco has been at the forefront of the ever-growing global conferencing industry and is the undisputed leader of the market. It is the preferred choice of corporate firms that wish to use a solution that can extend the work environment of the organisation outside the building and transcend boundarie.. Read More

Keywords : Using Cisco-integrated, Conferencing Solutions, make Online Meetings Successful,

Hosting a Successful Online Conference at Cost Effective Rates

Author: Thosino Weven | Posted in: Video Conferencing

July 09,2012

Virtual conferencing has become a common activity for all organisations nowadays and it is not a surprise that companies across Hong Kong engage in online meetings frequently. A successful online event does not need to be associated with high costs, as the key to a successful virtual meeting is the .. Read More

Keywords : Hosting Successful, Online Conference, Cost Effective Rates,

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