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Hiring Lights And Sounds or Your Next Event

Author: Suryapal Singh Bhati | Posted in: Music

December 23,2014

Lights and sounds are critical components of an event. Audio is needed due to the fact people will need to dance. Lighting is needed due to the fact people will need to see some special effects. The sound to light idea works when the sound and lighting are in sync with each other various. The t.. Read More

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Free iTunes Gift Card

Author: william brooks | Posted in: Music

August 04,2013

iTunes could also be a platform created for Apple users where they’ll notice everything at one dollar. This issue is possible because Steve Jobs convinced many corporations that instead of mercantilism let’s say 100 copies of a game at fifty greenbacks they’ll sell the game at one dollar to 1 millio.. Read More

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Ssameer Music

Author: vikas gupta | Posted in: Music

July 25,2013

Ssameer is a gifted singer and a performer of the Indian entertainment industry who was trained at the Trinity School of Music. An exceptional vocalist with a unique quality to his voice, his songs have the magic and sensitivity to make a deep connect with audiences. In spite of being a non-Punjabi .. Read More

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Chords-The Foundation of Great Songs

Author: Gary E Kerkow | Posted in: Music

July 01,2013

A chord can be described as having two or more notes that are played simultaneously to achieve a certain harmonic purpose. In a broken one, the notes are not played simultaneously. There are many different types of chords. The two most common are the major and minor ones. It is interesting how each .. Read More

Keywords : Chords, Foundation, Great Songs,

Where is a Good Summer Intensive Contemporary Dance Class in North Carolina

Author: Americandancetrainingcamp | Posted in: Music

June 21,2013

Summer intensives are a good platform to have fun and to sharpen your dance moves. It is even wonderful, if the camp is located in the scenic and beautiful North Carolina. The high mountains, pristine beaches, beautiful towns and buzzing cities provide wonderful opportunities to camp and to enjoy so.. Read More

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Should You Enroll in Group Singing Lessons or Private One-to-one Lessons

Author: Serena Yeo | Posted in: Music

June 04,2013

Anyone who is keen on taking singing classes has a choice between group and private one-to-one lessons. Both setups have their own benefits to the students who will undergo such classes. A lot of people are interested to learn how to sing properly because they are planning to join a competition or a.. Read More

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Music promotion platform for music artists

Author: Deb Datta | Posted in: Music

May 25,2013

Music meetup platforms as the very name suggests are platforms where the music artists, promoters and friends can come together to experience different forums about the music industry and positive music, showcases to share your original among the audience who understands and appreciates your music. .. Read More

Keywords : Music promotion, platform, music artists,

The Benefits of Playing Music Instruments

Author: Susan Kramper | Posted in: Music

April 25,2013

Children may decide to learn to play musical instruments for kids for a variety of reasons. Some children play because of their love for music. Some do it because it just seems fun. Others do it because one or both parents played an instrument. In reality, playing musical instruments for kids can al.. Read More

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Old videos can be converted into high-definition footages

Author: jeffs photo video | Posted in: Music

April 11,2013

In early days when advanced video recording devices were not there, people used to store footage of events in video tapes. Nowadays, these storage tapes are not used much. People use gadgets based on latest technology for this purpose. Now DVD players are used instead of VHS or video home systems. P.. Read More

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How to build an Isolation booth in a short space of time

Author: Mike Gene | Posted in: Music

April 10,2013

An Isolation booth is widely used in the recording industry and it offers privacy and soundproofing for artists that are recording new tracks. Once they step into the Isolation booth outside noise is shut out thanks to acoustic panels and all they can hear is the music played through their headphone.. Read More

Keywords : Isolation booth, short space,

Car alarm Repair – Some Facts to Consider While Hiring a Company for the Job

Author: Chrisgayle | Posted in: Music

March 28,2013

Car alarm is a device that works well for long; however, it does not mean that it would never go out of order for the simple reason that like all devices it too is subject to malfunctioning after a long use. Once your car alarm stops functioning, a major issue you may face is risking the safety and .. Read More

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Car Stereo Repair If Done Professionally Can Work For Long

Author: Chrisgayle | Posted in: Music

March 28,2013

You cannot drive with a broken or non-performing car stereo for sure for it will amount to a boring driving experience. For instance, the question whether your car radio picks up anything or not is crucial; it can be pestering as well. You need a audio system that works and works well and not mere a.. Read More

Keywords : Car Stereo Repair, Done Professionally,

India Music Network presents the melodious "Zindagi" by upcoming singing sensation Uddipa

Author: indiafoodnetwork | Posted in: Music

March 25,2013

Uddipan Sarmah is the latest sensation to be causing ripples in the Indian music scene. Blessed with a surreal voice and a talented guitarist, Uddipan is a truly versatile artist, and one will without doubt find it hard to put a finger on any single genre that Uddipan can be classified under.Althoug.. Read More

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Yaybo The Producer

Author: Jake Thomos | Posted in: Music

March 23,2013

Who is Yaybo? Yaybo is a music producer from Detroit, Mi. Yaybo owns a digital media production company that offer's music and video production. The music that Yaybo makes is incredible and high quality music. Whether you are seeking music for film, TV, Album, Mixtape, yaybo can provide you with exa.. Read More

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Watch Indian Movie And Video Songs Online

Author: Mario Smith | Posted in: Music

February 28,2013

Now these days Streaming is very famous technology for watching, videos, listening online to internet users. Entertainment is very biggest industry into internet for making fun to users. Internet Users also spending much money for making fun online. Today's Internet user are very passionate about wa.. Read More

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