Pharmaceutical Market: India A Comprehensive Industry Analysis

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November 06,2013

This report scrutinises top Indian pharmacos and their battle within domestic and international therapeutic markets. The business environment in which they compete is analysed as are key drivers, constraints, challenges and opportunities. The Indian pharmaceutical market is set to become the eight largest pharma market globally by 2015. This report describes the current therapeutics that are propelling the biopharmaceutical market in India and the main players in the industry. It examines the current economic climate and how India compares to other emerging markets and also evolved markets such as the US and Europe. This study reveals market figures of the overall Indian pharmaceutical market and sub-markets and is supported by over 330 exhibits. Forecast projections and future growth rates are provided to give the reader a forthcoming perspective of this growing industry. Current developments relating to patent expirations, government funding, and regulations are discussed. The emerging trends that appear in key sub-markets such as generics, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes and vaccines are elucidated and analysed. The study also provides a comprehensive financial and product review of key players in the biopharmaceutical industry in India. Strategic drivers and restraints of this market are revealed and market opportunities and challenges are identified. In summary, the Indian biopharmaceutical market has huge opportunities for growth. This industry will significantly affect the international healthcare market and has enormous potential for investment. The main objectives of this report are: • To comprehensively summarize current developments in the Indian biopharmaceutical industry. • To identify emerging trends in key markets and sub-markets such as biogenerics, cardiology, oncology therapeutics, diabetic care, vaccines and anti-infective agents. • To comprehensive review and analyse financial and product details of key players in the industry • To present market figures of the current Indian biopharmaceutical market value and give forecast projections and growth rates • To identify key drivers and restraints of the Indian biopharmaceutical market • To report and analyse market opportunities and challenges • To identify funding and government sponsorship issues The reader of this report will gain: • An in-depth understanding of the Indian biopharmaceutical market and it’s environment • Current market facts, figures and product lines of key players in the industry • An insight into how generic therapeutics will propagate the Indian biopharmaceutical market • Knowledge of how the Indian biopharma market will integrate into the global healthcare market • Information on key government policies • Data on levels of private and publically funded biopharma studies in India • Strategies on how to adapt and restructure current business models to this industry This report highlights a number of significant Indian pharmacos and gives details of their operations, products, financials and business strategy. The following companies were chosen for analysis as they have specific advantages that we believe will drive the pharmaceutical industry in India. • Aurobindo Pharma • Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd • Biocon Biopharmaceuticals • Cipla • Divis Laboratories • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories • Lupin • Mankind Pharma • Panacea Biotech • Piramal Group • Ranbaxy Laboratories • Reliance Life Sciences • Serum Institute of India • Sun Pharmaceuticals • Zydus Cadila Table of Contents : 1.Summary 9 1.1 Objectives of Report 9 1.2 Scope of Study 10 1.3 Data Sources and Methodology 10 1.4 Key Findings and Observations 10 1.5 Executive Summary 11 2.0 Epidemiology and Disease Overview 15 2.1 Cardiovascular Disease 19 2.2 Infectious Disease 21 2.3 Respiratory Infections 21 2.4 Tuberculosis 23 2.5 HIV 28 2.6 Hepatitis 29 2.7 Typhoid Fever 30 2.8 Dengue Fever 30 2.9 Diabetes 30 2.10 Cancer 32 2.11 Chronic Respiratory Disease- Asthma and COPD 36 3.0 Twelfth Five Year Plan – A Boost for Scientific Research and Development 38 4.0 Economic and Business Environment 40 4.1 Economic Indicators, Trade Policy and Merchandise and Commercial Trade Statistics 40 4.2 Gross Domestic Product of India, Historic and Projection Analysis 42 4.3 Global and India Economic Outlook 2010-2013 43 4.4 Indian Economic Outlook in Comparison to Advanced Economies (US, Europe) 45 5.0 Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 48 5.1 Overview 48 5.2 Formulations Market 49 5.3 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market 50 5.4 Biosimilar Market 51 5.5 Contract Research and Manufacturing Service (CRAMS) 52 5.6 Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Market 53 5.7 Evaluation of Market Share by Therapeutic Area 56 5.8 Key Players 57 6.0 Indian Pharmaceutical Company Profiles and Financial Data 59 6.1 Aurobindo Pharma 59 6.2 Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd 66 6.3 Biocon Biopharmaceuticals 68 6.4 Cipla 77 6.5 Divis Laboratories 82 6.6 Dr Reddy’s Laboratories 84 6.7 Lupin 89 6.8 Mankind Pharma 101 6.9 Panacea Biotech 106 6.10 Piramal Group 114 6.11 Ranbaxy Laboratories 119 6.12 Reliance Life Sciences 127 6.13 Serum Institute of India 130 6.14 Sun Pharmaceuticals 133 6.15 Zydus Cadila 137 7.0 SWOT Analysis of Indian Pharmaceutical Market 144 7.1 Growth Factors 144 7.2 Strengths of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 145 7.3 Main Weaknesses 145 7.4 Significant Opportunities within the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 146 7.5 Threats and Considerations 147 8.0 Company Directory and Key People 149 8.1 Aurobindo Pharma 149 8.2 Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd 150 8.3 Biocon Biopharmaceuticals 151 8.4 Cipla 153 8.5 Divis laboratories 153 8.6 Dr Reddy’s Laboratories 155 8.7 Lupin 157 8.8 Panacea Biotech 158 8.9 Reliance Life Sciences 160 9.0 Appendix 161 9.1 Comprehensive List of Pharmaceutical Company’s in India 161

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Author: sandhya nair

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