The Special Compounding Columbus and its various concerns

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November 08,2013

The basic idea of the special compounding

The Special Compounding Columbus is indeed different from the other modes of treating the patients and the system is praiseworthy. The compounded medications that are provided to the patients are checked for their sterility before they are given or prescribed. They provide great personal service for maintaining the relation of the patient and the service providers. It has gained years of expertise and superior experience. It is loyal and trustworthy in providing the services to the patients.

Different types of medication through the Special Compounding Columbus

The different medications vary according to the need of the different patients. It starts on the very day when the patient or his family members have made a call for the medical services. The treatments are given at home no matter whether it is intramuscular, epidural or intravenous.
• Home infusion therapies are possible with the medical staff administering it.
• Home Anti-Infective Therapy
• TPN or Total Parental Nutrition
• Home IVIG Therapy or Intravenous Immunoglobulin
• Chemotherapy

Other services of the Special Compounding Columbus

The Special Compounding Columbus has full services of the infusion pharmacies and the compounding pharmacies. The medications can be customized and the patients will get the deserved personal attention. The compounding pharmacy is Board Certified and is recognized nationally by the physicians for the treatment of pain and managing the spastics. They can also refill the prescriptions. The overall service is extremely pleasing and highly effective.

The supplies of the pharmacy

All the products of the pharmacy have an objective to enhance the quality of the life of people who use them. The bottom line of any agency can be improved by achieving the favourable outcomes with the strong performances of the products. The communication experienced is consistent. Some of the supplies namely are
• Wound care
• Gloves
• Injectibles
• Pharmaceuticals
• Ostomy

Other major products

The Anti-haemophilic factor product is delivered by the service at home and is accompanied by a doctor and a nurse who checks the improvement and the changes in the patient. These products are mainly recommended for the patients suffering from the disorder of blood or haemophilia. The special injections are provided by the pharmacy. The drugs and the anti-infective slow down the growth of the bacteria that forms the infections in the human body. These include the Antifungal, the Antibacterial and the Antivirals.

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